Here at the Hardwood Flooring Plaza we specialize in providing consumers with valuable information about one of the most varied and sought after flooring types available. You might be having trouble trying to decide whether or not to opt for prefinished hardwood floors for your living room. Or you may be trying to find just the right flooring to put over the concrete in your basement. Well, the Hardwood Flooring Plaza is here to help you answer all of these difficult questions and more.

Hardwood flooring has an amount of elegance and quality unmatched in other flooring types. It is capable of lasting 25 plus years and is one of the most durable flooring types available. There are wood floors that were installed over a hundred years ago that are still in good shape today. But for this to even be a possibility you’ll have to properly take care of your hardwood flooring—which is by no means hard, but differs from cleaning and maintaining other flooring types.

Hardwood flooring presents homeowners with a great range of opportunities. First of all, hardwood flooring is available in a number of price points. From less inexpensive varieties like red oak or pine—to more expensive exotic species like Wenge and Ipe (which is as flame resistant as concentrate). Choice is empowering for a consumer but it can also help to lead to confusion, thankfully, this Plaza site has been made to help homeowners sort through any rough patches they may face while shopping for hardwood flooring.

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