Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can make the difference between mediocrity and beauty, style and tackiness, comfort and joy, and discomfort and dullness.

The effect a brilliant new hardwood floor can have on any space is best seen when observing a place go from carpet or vinyl to wood. Those who have seen this transformation certainly do not underestimate the power flooring has over the experience of any room or building.

Although there are certainly numerous alternatives now, in fact more than ever before, it is absolutely clear that nothing beats natural wood.


Natural hardwood flooring lasts for decades, if not scores, when it is properly maintained. There are hardwood floors in buildings throughout New England in the US that have never been replaced. The remarkable thing is they are as handsome and firm as ever. This might not be obvious to all, but it does make sense. There are trees in the US that have been around for many hundred of years, let alone millennia. Floors made from some of nature’s most robust and durable materials will endure.

Not only are hardwood floors the most enduring, they are the most beautiful as well. Few argue this point. The striations, and knotting, and shaping of each genuine hardwood flooring piece are almost entirely unique. The patterning within the wood fibers varies so widely and so magnificently because of minute variations in growth and weathering the tree goes through each year of its life. Seeing that such specific conditions would be divaricated by a trees environmental, age, placement, and genes, this too makes sense. The result of all of this is a resplendent representation of Mother Nature’s touch, which can fill a home with elegance.

Maintaining wood flooring is relatively effortless.

Vacuuming on a relatively consistent basis to keep a clean home or office is needed. Waxing is required only every few years, depending on the heaviness of foot traffic in your space. Finally, once per decade or so a refinishing of the surface of the wood makes it shine like new, though this isn’t obligatory.

Once hard wood floors are installed, because they last so long, that’s that.
With cheaper types such as carpeting, vinyl, or laminate, the initial inlay may be easier, however it has to been redone every five to ten years or so because of the durability of those products. Therefore, overall, this makes non-hardwood flooring a costly hassle to maintain. It’s really not worth it.

Hardwood flooring can match, if not augment, basically any motif or ambiance in a space. Looking for a Southeast Asian design? Perhaps Japanese Maple flooring is best. Looking to re-floor a cabin in Vermont? Brazilian oak is simply a splendid addition to the rustic environment. Going for that senatorial appearance? A deep rich mahogany is perfect. Browse our site theHardwoodPlaza.com for more information on the benefits of hardwood floors!

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