Refinishing Hardwood Floors

There are plenty of variables when it comes to hardwood flooring. As the flooring industry continues to make technological strides it seems like manufacturers are adding even more and more features to their products. While many of these features may seem negligible, there are plenty which should be carefully scrutinized in order to make the most out of your flooring. Arguably, the most important aspect of your hardwood flooring is its thickness.

The thickness of hardwood flooring can often be the easiest attribute to overlook since many flooring manufacturers will try to attract your attention with the “latest” breakthroughs in flooring. Which is all well and good but don’t forget to focus on the thickness of the wood. Because this attribute will often directly correlate with how long it will last. There are hardwood floors that were installed over a hundred years ago that are still in relatively good condition. This is because hardwood flooring can be refinished several times during its life cycle. For instance, if your hardwood flooring becomes damaged or just starts to look old you can have it sanded down to the fresher wood beneath. Once sanded, the wood is refinished to look like new. The number of times you’ll be able to refinish your hardwood flooring is determined by how thick it is.

You should develop a good idea of how hard your household will be on hardwood flooring before you purchase any. This won’t just reflect what type of flooring you buy but how thick it is. In a busy household, the thicker the better.

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