Waxing Your Hardwood Floor

If you have chosen to make the investment in quality and style that hardwood flooring presents, you want to maintain and secure its enduring value.
Sweeping and vacuuming should be undertaken at least once a week to keep soot and grime from building up on the surface. Such buildups can mark the wood permanently and taint its color in unsightly ways.

Another essential element in taking proper care of your hardwood floor is to wax it. Depending on the frequency of foot traffic and use, how often one needs to wax their floor will vary. But it is safe to generalize and say that every 2-3 years or so is probably best. Any longer than that, and the wear on the face of your flooring might become irreversible. It is important to note that waxing not only gives your floor a nice new shine. It also provides indispensable protection from the constant wear and tear a floor experiences.

So, how does one wax their hardwood floor?

First, in purchasing your floor wax it is important to note that many are made with a type of formaldehyde, which is considered by many to be toxic. Therefore, when picking out your wax, it is in the best interests of your health, and your family’s, to buy an environmentally safe brand. These green products do not use formaldehyde as a constituent. Plus, you are helping out the ecosystem by keeping deleterious chemicals from its soils while protecting yourself. It’s a win-win decision.

Then, simply apply the wax with an appropriate roller, brush, or mop. Be extra careful to use no more than is necessary. Overwaxing can damage your floor in the long run – it will not just make it shinier or more protected. This is because too much wax creates uneven surfaces on the wood the leads to uneven wear. In time, the excess wax will come off the floor because it has no wood to bind to, wasting your time and money, and making an unnecessary mess for yourself.

Also, make sure that you read the instructions about safety. Chances are you are going to need gloves, and a day where you are comfortable leaving most of the windows in your home open for apt ventilation. Even in organic waxes, there are odors which are better off leaving your house through the windows, rather than pervading the air for safety and comfort considerations. Even wearing goggles might be a good idea while you are working directly with the wax, getting floor wax in your eyes is no doubt hazardous and painful.

Finally, permit the wax to sit and adhere itself to the floor for the time allotment elucidated on the wax packaging. If you do not wait long enough, chances are you are going to end up with floor wax stuck to your shoes, and a spotted and poorly waxed floor.

Once all of this is done, make sure to leave fans blowing and windows open for a few hours after the smell leaves. Better safe than sorry. That’s it! This is not an Einsteinian task for sure, but one where attentiveness is still crucial. Get to it!

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